5/5000 АВТОР: DUNE · ДАТА: 30 август 2016


The Black Infinity project is located about 10 km from Bilbao, in the town of Leioa, Vizcaya province, street Iparaguirre, 62.

His architect Juan Elexpuru has explained to us what has been their rehabilitation; “It done with ceramic material, as it had in its origins, but this time giving a more current with Black Infinity piece”. Elexpuru says that: “the Association of owners what they wanted was that the building maintained its style with a modern and timeless material and, in this way, get that with the passage of time continue to be at the forefront”.

The choice of product Dune was because of its “unique, attractive, extraordinary and youth character”. The construction company responsible for the building, Impercaya, has commented that: “the biggest challenge consisted in that the property, consisting of 80 neighbors, think which was the idel product and selected it by a majority. Residents and owners have highlighted their appearance completely out of the ordinary and his spectacular; “Black Infinity moved to the building the same characteristics of the piece,” they noted.

One one hand, Impercaa and the execution resposible, Gorka Pino, have expressed “the ease of handling and installation of pieces”. As the pieces of 10 x 10 cm. margins should be square in all orientations of different blocks of flats. On the other hand, Dune has made an adaptation of the product to the project, making it stoneware, rather than in porous, improving thus its adhesion and making it suitable for use in exterior.