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187785 BARRO SKY

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Country Stock (pieces) Stock (sqm)
ESPAÑA 7289 227.78
USA: FLORIDA 557 17.41

12.5×25.0 cm./4.9″x9.8″


187785 M894

Barro is a design that recreates the beauty of handmade artisan ceramics. The imperfections, varied textures, irregular edges and colour shading are all characteristic of this range. Available in an attractive colour palette, complemented by very subtle graphic patterning.

  • TYPE OF PRODUCTWall tile
  • FINISHBrillo
  • MATERIALCeramics
  • LOOKBarro
  • SIZE125×250 cm
  • COLOURBlue


IndoorsWall tilesShower wallHigh vapor condensation areas (sauna, turkish bath, etc...)

The finishing of the piece

GlossShade variation


187785 BARRO SKY

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