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187515N MAREA

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Country Stock (pieces) Stock (sqm)
ESPAÑA 1109 299.43
USA: FLORIDA 297 80.19

30.0×90.0 cm./11.8″x35.4″


187515N D917

DA design inspired by the mermaid’s scales, peppering the surface of NOVA tiles with silvery tones.

  • TYPE OF PRODUCTWall tile
  • FINISHSatinado ó Mix Brillo-Mate
  • MATERIALCeramics
  • LOOKCement
  • SIZE300×900 cm
  • COLOURGrey


IndoorsWall tilesShower wallHigh vapor condensation areas (sauna, turkish bath, etc...)

The finishing of the piece

RectifiedSatin finish


187515N MAREA

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