AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 31 August 2016


Dune loves design -we are decoration- and this is why we are showing you our 2015 Trends book with the new style and colour trends:

1.-Back to Origins

2.-New Shapes



5.-Urban Code

This time we will take a closer look at New Shapes, the second style trend that has inspired us in 2015.

In catwalks and decoration shows we continue noticing the eagerness to innovate through unusual shapes. Some of these shapes, like HEXAGONS, were already present in previous seasons but they are becoming more and more popular. Prada or Alexander McQueen have displayed their fancy on hexagons in their recent collections and hexagons have also taken a lead role in interiorism design as many companies, like Cavalli Home, have chosen them for their new collections. Dune is also proposing pieces with hexagonal shape among the novelties, MELINA and KASSIANI.
Also, less popular shapes like TRAPEZIUMS have bursted into the world of design and DUNE has chosen them for our RAIN reference.
Finally, there are also more daring shapes, like ZIG-ZAG or CHEVRON, with Missoni as their best representative. DUNE is using them in our ZIG-ZAG reference.