AUTHOR: DUNE · DATE: 30 August 2016


Dune 2014 collection contains four proposals belonging to this trend, Retro Chic.

June begins with the sixth trend of Dune Cerámica: Retro Chic.

As with Vintage, there are some discrepancies in defining the period that this style is inspired by: some say that it gravitates around the glamour of the 1950s and 1960s, while others extend it to the 1940s and 1970s.

The fact that everyone agrees in is that this style takes the best of the past, adding a modern and contemporary touch. Retro Chic, with many influences and inspirations!!

Dune proposes TANDEM, that combines classic geometries and influence of hydraulic floor tiles.

Also, TOBLER and VICTORIAN, with a homie and romantic approach, but always retro and stylish.

As per the retro-surf style, we move the sea to your with SURF.

Four Dune novelties in our 2014 collection are part of Emphasis Stone & Megalos Ceramics. Dune pieces match everybody’s likes following fashion trends and the most avant-garde decoration.



2-Fifty Shades of Grey

3-The Midas touch


5-Oriental View


These are the six undeniable trends for 2014. Dune loves the design, WE ARE DECORATION, that’s why we gather the latest trends, and we follow and interpret them, both in fashion and decoration. DUNE 2014 collection is born from an intensive analysis of catwalks around the world together with the study of the most innovative decoration fairs. A collection valid for the next months as a result from research and development in colours and styles.

TANDEM http://www.dune.es/en/products/megalos-pavimento/ceramics-ceramica/tandem/186961

TOBLER http://www.dune.es/en/products/emphasis-mosaico/stone-piedra/tobler/186889

VICTORIAN http://www.dune.es/en/products/megalos-revestimiento/ceramics-ceramica/victorian/186958

SURF http://www.dune.es/en/products/megalos-revestimiento/ceramics-ceramica/surf/186945